About onTV

onTV is a fully HTML 5 digital platform available on all Samsung Smart TVs, PCs, Smartphones, iOS and Android tablets.
onTV has reached over  1,228,135  downloads within the South African market.
Our focus is to deliver the ultimate digital experience with fresh premium content across multiple platforms.



Customised Portals

onTV offers viewers a refreshing user experience by customising advertiser portals to reflect their brands, giving them the maximum exposure and digital coverage.



onTV offers advertisers a unique platform to expand their brands as well as advertise and market their products.
With an intuitive and creative canvas, we cater for the needs of our advertisers.
Advertising and marketing on the onTV platform is available across multiple platforms. 


Viewer Experience

The onTV application allows viewers to access a variety digital magazines,
a food and wine section with recipes,
the latest videos and series in our video on demand section and much more.

Mobile Application

The onTV-Media mobile application is now available on Android and iOS Smartphones.
Download it today and share it with friends and family.

Available on:

We have a portfolio of clients to be proud of


Premium Estates

onTV’s estate portals is one of the key features of this application. Our goal is to have all South Africa’s Luxury, Golf, Polo, Eco & Lifestyle estates on the platform. The application will speak to the lifestyle of these premium homeowners.

The Shelf

Cross Platform Digital HD Magazines

The Shelf is our online digital publication platform that focusses on local and international content of luxury and premium brands.

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